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Inkey's AI Detector can identify if written content like essays, articles, or reviews was created by AI or written by a human.

Who Can Use It:

This tool is designed for students, and content creators. It is ideal for verifying the authenticity of written material, and ensuring integrity.

How It Works?

The technology works by training machine learning models on massive datasets of human writing samples and AI-generated text. 

By learning the subtle distinctions in patterns, word usage, and stylistic qualities, the models can accurately assess if new text inputs were likely written by AI systems or humans. 

For an output, it calculates a probability score indicating how likely it is that AI was involved in the writing.

Key Features:

  • Simple and accessible for users without technical skills.
  • Real-time analysis and immediate results.


  • While capable, the tool should be used alongside human judgment, considering the full context.
  • Inkey provides the tool as a premium feature on its platform, requiring a paid subscription to access.

Accuracy rating not available right now. Hang tight, it's coming soon.

The tools on this website are tested using a specific testing method for each category. This ensures they are evaluated fairly and in a way most people would use them.

AI detectors may seem similar at first glance, but they come with different features and are intended for various use cases. Choose a tool that best suits your specific needs for the most accurate results. 

Paid tools are usually more accurate and better for advanced users needing integration and bulk detection. 

Free tools can be hit-or-miss, with usage limits and varying accuracy. 

Therefore, we suggest you check out all of our AI detectors to find the best option for you. logo



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