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Compilatio Copyright+ is an advanced plagiarism detection tool for publishing professionals, offering AI content detection, multilingual plagiarism checks, and priority processing to ensure the authenticity of published content.

Who Can Use It:

This tool is intended for institutional use by entities such as research centers, publishing houses, press agencies, news media, editorial agencies, etc.

How It Works?

Copyright+ operates by allowing users to upload documents for analysis, where it scans and compares them against a vast database of web sources, academic publications, and AI-generated content. 

It features an AI Checker that differentiates human-written content from that produced by generative AI technologies. 

The tool also performs multilingual plagiarism checks, detecting direct copies and subtle reformulations across different languages. 

A comprehensive report is then generated, detailing similarities, AI-generated content, and source comparisons.

Key Features:

  • Identifies content generated by AI technologies (ChatGPT, Gemini, Jasper, etc.).
  • Detects and analyzes content similarities across languages.
  • Offers detailed breakdowns of content similarities, AI content, and source comparisons.
  • Catches both direct and subtly altered texts, including translations.
  • Upgrade path from basic Copyright version. Analyses submitted through Copyright+ get prioritized for faster result delivery.

Limitations and Considerations:

  • It is designed for institutional/professional use, not individual writers.

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