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AI Checker Tool is a free yet relatively unknown AI content detector that enables users to easily verify whether a piece of text has been generated by AI or not.

Who Can Use It:

We recommend using this tool for personal use as the website does not contain any information about deleting or storing your data. 

Essentially, this tool is useful for writers, content creators, and website owners who are interested in verifying the authenticity and originality of text content.

How It Works?

The AI Checker Tool scans for typical AI writing patterns and compares the text to extensive databases to spot potential mischief. 

After analysis, it provides a report indicating the likelihood of AI generation and highlights any sections that may be copied from other sources.

Key Features:

  • The service is entirely free (for now).
  • There is no explicit word limit mentioned.
  • A simple and intuitive interface for easy use.
  • Directly input text or upload files (Word, PDF, etc.).
  • It supports numerous languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, etc.

Limitations and Considerations:

  • There is no information provided about how the uploaded texts are handled, stored, or used (use caution).

Overall: ★★★★★

The AI content detector from AI Checker Tool excelled in our testing.

Human written text detection: ★★★★☆

It detected our human text as 83.4% human.

Modified AI-generated text detection: ★★★★★

It detected our moderately modified AI-generated text as 100% AI.

AI-generated text detection: ★★★★★

It detected our AI-generated text as 100% AI.

Disclaimer: Results may vary. Always do your own testing.

The tools on this website are tested using a specific testing method for each category. This ensures they are evaluated fairly and in a way most people would use them.

AI detectors may seem similar at first glance, but they come with different features and are intended for various use cases. Choose a tool that best suits your specific needs for the most accurate results. 

Paid tools are usually more accurate and better for advanced users needing integration and bulk detection. 

Free tools can be hit-or-miss, with usage limits and varying accuracy. 

Therefore, we suggest you check out all of our AI detectors to find the best option for you. logo



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