AI Code Detectors

Check out these AI code detectors to see if the code you are interacting with is created by a human or not. Detect code plagiarism and ensure code consistency where needed.

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AICertify detects AI-generated code, ensures licensing compliance, and provides automated remediation.
AI Aware
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Code Checker detects AI-generated code and plagiarism for academia and businesses.
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Codeleaks is a tool that scans code for originality, licensing compliance, and unauthorized use.

You can find all other AI detectors here.

Don't let your eyes fool you, determine what's real and what's not

AI code detectors can be useful for various users for personal and professional use:

For Software Developers and Engineers: AI code detectors can help you ensure your work is original, helping you avoid unintentional plagiarism and potential legal complications.

For Educators: You can use AI code detectors to ensure that students submit original work in their programming assignments, thereby maintaining academic integrity.

Technology Companies: You can use AI code detectors to ensure that the code you release is original and avoid any legal problems related to copyright infringement.
For anyone who needs to check if code is AI-generated, we recommend using the tools under the personal or professional filter.

Delving Deeper into the Capabilities of AI Code Detectors

No AI code detector is perfect, but as tools for creating AI code get better, detectors are improving too. Remember, it's harder to detect AI in shorter pieces of code. We'll update this section when new research comes out. logo



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